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So many of our clients ask about accessories for their engagement and studio sessions. Naturally, they don’t want to go overboard…jewelry for a shoot should be fun, unique, and accessible. ┬áHere are our top picks for places to get gorgeous *and* affordable accessories for your next photo session! Then keep them for the weekends…they’re too fun not to. ;)


1. Forever XXI. The purveyor of awesome trending fashion at a great price is also the purveyor of awesome statement necklaces, stand-out glam earrings, and feminine headbands….at an equally great price. I outfitted much of our studio jewelry collection here and my jaw dropped when I saw how many beautiful items I could get with their value.


target jewelry


2. Target. A year ago, Target would not have made my list for beautiful accessories. Their jewelry collection – what wasn’t encased behind glass walls that were only accessible to absent employees – was clunky and boring. They must have hired a new stylist because even their OTC items are now excellent….on-trend chunky necklaces, beaded bracelets, and oblong teardrop earrings in beautiful colors. Plus classic items that are perfect for any portrait or boudoir shoot – like long strings of pearls and plenty of outfit options to go with them.

3. Banana Republic. Banana’s accessories are a little higher priced, but they tend to stand the test of time – if you want a necklace to last beyond the shoot in terms of style and durability, they are your perfect pick. (If you find their full price items to be a little too pricy, no sweat – just shop their sale!)


stella and dot jewelry


4. Stella & Dot. The stellar folks at Stella & Dot have been all over our wedding circuit this year, and for good reason – they boast some of the best looking and most accessible jewelry options on the market.

5. Your Closet. Ok….this isn’t a new hip store in Tyson’s Corner. It *is* one of the best places to find great jewelry, especially if you’re having your portrait taken. My most meaningful pieces were given to me by the people who love me, and I feel like something special when I wear them. So go find that necklace or bracelet that your favorite person gave you, and rock them out!



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