This post might also be titled, “All Good Things Come to Those Who Wait.”

Erica & Doug - Washington DC Wedding Photographer (1 of 1)

Back in July of last year, I photographed Erica and Doug for their engagement photos on Roosevelt Island. It was the place that Doug asked Erica to marry him, after his original plan was thrown off track, and of course she said, ‘yes’. They both knew fairly quickly in their relationship that this was a right fit – finding something together that matched the advice Doug’s brother Chris gave during his best man toast: “Love should be easy.”

As we walked through the tree-covered pathways during their engagement session, we talked about their families, the challenges of military life, and how a new puppy just changes everything. We stopped for a photo and I asked Doug to wrap Erica in his arms for the shot. “My favorite place,” Erica said as she gladly obliged. These two are so clearly and easily meant for each other, and it is a joy to spend time with them. I knew immediately after the session that I would love to photograph their wedding, but had no idea what their arrangement was and didn’t have it in me to ask.

Fast forward several months later, and I receive an email from Erica asking if I might be available to photograph their wedding.  Um….is the Pope Catholic?? (I think I managed to eek out something slightly more professional in my reply email…but the resounding answer was “YES OF COURSE!”).

It was an absolute joy to photograph these two families. Erica & Doug are blessed to be surrounded by people who love and support them. And are pretty rockin’ dancers, I might add.  I was honored to have had the opportunity to share in their beautiful day.

We were also super fortunate to have the lovely Shandi Wallace ( shooting with us. Shandi is an amazing photographer in DC and we have admired her work since before we met her. It’s a little like getting to work with your favorite rock star…don’t be jealous.

Erica & Doug, I adore you both – thank you for letting us be a part of your beautiful celebration! Mike and I wish you all the happiness and love in the world!!