The last few weeks have been crazy hectic in the best way possible. It’s also been our most versatile month, as we captured weddings, portraits, head shots, and even an anniversary.

When we first opened our studio, I was adamant that I wanted to focus on weddings and portraits. As we’ve matured though, I’ve found many of our portrait sessions feature families – which would have made every bit of sense if I had thought about it sooner. Photographs are a way of capturing the people you love for all time – so more often than not, when a woman books a portrait session in our studio, she comes with her spouse, sisters, or children as well.

So today, I’m thrilled to showcase a family/senior portrait session that we enjoyed with dear friends. The Kemper Family had their portraits in Fredericksburg. I have known and loved them for years – in fact, since I was their daughter, Scotland’s, age. It is incredibly profound to photograph someone who you used to look after, who you can still picture in your mind’s eye as a toddler, and now realize that they’re embarking into adulthood. It’s also incredibly humbling….this makes me how old?!

Thank you, Scotland, Val, and Todd for trusting me and for being such enduring friends. You are amazing on camera and off!

Kemper Family-1_WEB.jpg
Kemper Family-10_WEB.jpg
Kemper Family-6_WEB.jpg
Kemper Family-11_WEB.jpg
Kemper Family-12_WEB.jpg
Kemper Family-14_WEB.jpg
Kemper Family-23_WEB.jpg