There are few things more evident than a mother’s love and concern for her children. Pam and her mother Tina were no exception – I met them together at a bridal show this winter, and they came into my studio together several weeks later. Though Tina did not come to be photographed, she helped Pam throughout her portrait session – not always agreeing, but always supportive. It should be no surprise that Tina’s two other children are just and bright and talented – a fact that showed on Tina’s face as she described their careers and aspirations.

Pam is well on her way to continuing this trend – a photographer herself, she is equally beautiful in front of the camera and her brilliant smile lit up her images. As she and her soon-to-be-husband embark on a new life and in a new state, she’s sure to bring joy to those around her with her sweet and warm demeanor.


Pam - Washington DC Wedding Photographer-1


Pam and Tina, thank you for visiting our studio – God bless you and your family during this momentous time in your lives!