While out to lunch with new friends a few weeks ago, someone asked me: “Do you do photograph pets?”

Erin and Kelty-3_WEB.jpg

I fairly quickly said ‘no’ because I couldn’t remember having done so and we’ve been focused on our wedding and portrait clients. But while looking through some of my previous images this morning, I realized I’d forgotten to mention one of our favorite client and pet portrait sesions.

To be fair, I dd work with Erin and Kelty last summer. (Also to be fair, I have the memory of a goldfish. Thank goodness for task management software.)

Still, Erin’s session with Kelty remains one of our sweetest. And for you photographers out there, I highly recommend going back through some of your previous sessions and seeing how your style has changed. For those of us who live in our images, going back through them can be a little like reading your old journals from when you were 15: it’s a wonder how much we evolve.

Erin and Kelty-2_WEB.jpg

At least one thing never changes: we love our clients…and their little dogs too.

Erin and Kelty-1_WEB.jpg
Erin and Kelty-6_WEB.jpg
Erin and Kelty-7_WEB.jpg
Erin and Kelty-5_WEB.jpg
Erin and Kelty-10_WEB.jpg